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Mountains of Crevillent

Mountains of Crevillent

Sierra de Crevillent

Our geographical features and the orographic configuration promote our town and hiking abound not very steep slopes and gentle valleys with tracks and paths of horseshoes. In our mountain, hikers will find a variety of routes and short distance trails marked so they can enjoy this sport.

Tips and recommendations if you come to visit our mountains:

Get provided with water
Go with light hiking boots
It is forbidden to light fires and free camping
Always respect the environment, not to damage the flora and fauna, is a fragile ecosystem
Transit through marked trails
Keep signals and not let trash of their visit
In summer (July and August) avoid the hottest hours of the day

Some of the best spots in our mountains

– Pi de l’Alivi: a magnificent space shade, suitable for rest of hikers or visitors of the Crevillent mountains.

– Huts in Crevillent Mountains: there are cataloged over 70 dry stone constructions, some in very good condition.

Video with more information

– Cuesta del Catí: Here is a very attractive area with lots of greenery where you can see wonderful views surrounded by nature.

– Castell Vell: very attractive area and full of a ravine (the barranc fort) where you can descend corners.

Pouet de la Mel: Nice place between limestones in which there is a well which formerly arose a clean, fresh and clear water. Currently holds water but it is advised not to use it for drinking.

Picatxo of San Cayetano: A top 815 meters. Possibly the most iconic and highlight of the entire mountain peak of Crevillent.

Palaya: Spot located near the mountain park of San Cayetano where there is a picnic conditioning, built for the use and enjoyment of visitors.

Ratlla del Bubo: Area where we find the Bubo’s cave a horizontal cavity 23m route and a regular width of 70cm.

Valle de los Pinos (pine’s valley): Another of the most beautiful areas to visit, it is a balcony called the balcony of pine trees from which you can see all Crevillent.

La Vella: One of the most beautiful places of our mountain. It is the highest point of the whole massif, 832 meters from the summit you can admire the beauty surrounding the Province of Alicante.

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