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Monolito situado en el paseo de la rambla. Crevillent

Crevillent has an extensive urban development and infrastructure. Among the most important is the Parc Nou, the largest lung villa with 29,000 m2, created in 1976. Its interior houses the Casa del Parque, 1927 neoclassical building, which houses the office of Dr. Más Magro and Archaeological and Paleontological Museum.

Parque Nuevo Crevillent

Entering Crevillent from Orihuela, opposite the headquarters of the Guardia Civil, is a small park of 1,900 m2, the Parquet, frequented by locals over the population. In the area Ronda Sur, is another park of the same name approx. 5,800 m2, which opened in 1991.

El Calvari located west is the oldest of the town walk, surely the eighteenth century, both in its origin and is now closely tied to the Holy Week, providing a meeting place for Viernes Santo. In 1999, he underwent last remodeling, highlighting the construction of a temple located transversely.

El Calvario Crevillent

One of the most important sights is the Fontenay, linking the northern and southern parts of the population, by extension thereof, called Paseo Donantes de Sangre (Blood Donors) which was built in 1998. These rides have large green areas frequented by residents of all ages.

Paseo de Fontenay

Among the most recent designated areas stand out, the new Town Hall Square, opposite to it, was opened in 2003, this place offers open to citizens in a side room bronze sculpture of “xiquet Menaó” lies, with a typical wheel donated by José Luis García “Guchi”, in memory of one of the professions that are traditionally developed locally.

xiquet menao

Plaza del Ayuntamiento

The plaza de la Comunidad Valenciana, which opened in September 2006. It is an important activity within the proposed development of the promenade, it is an equestrian figure of King Jaime II “the fair”.

Plaza de la Comunidad Valencian


The urbanization of the Rambla, completed in May 2007 is rated as the finest developments by the resort. Crosses Crevillent from north to south, forming an area of 62,600 m2 and 1330 m2 of the old linear Rambla de Castelar. Among the works is the expansion of the bridge Jorge Juan, demolition and building the new bridge in San Sebastian street, and the construction of places with recreational areas, water bodies and the provision of 300 parking spaces. This development is crowned by a modern obelisk 37.5 m tall blue glass topped by a pyramidon in a triangle and a granite base where the most important milestones of our population are reflected.

Obelisco Rambla

Paseo rambla

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