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Crevillent is housed in one of the most important wetlands in Spain, the Natural Park of El Hondo, which holds international recognition to be declared ZEPA zone, LIC and further be included in the Ramsar List and the Valencian Catalogue of Wetlands. The spot are two regulatory irrigation reservoirs, Poniente and Levante, surrounded in turn by other small privately owned ponds and salt marsh areas with endemic species.

Parque Natural El Hondo

Historically, the park with its contribution of raw materials, has been resource for populations around: water for irrigation, land for crops, cane for manufacturing … From the environmental aspect, this wetland is also an ecological niche enormous interest, in addition to its flora and fauna, the variety of species that stop in the area on their migrations north of the peninsula and Europe to Africa, the most important being the coot, the shoveler the heron, the martineto, Greater Flamingo with their chickens and shelduck. In addition to these, we can find among the flagship species of the park, two endangered species: the White-headed Duck and the Marbled Teal, which has also in Hondo with the main breeding of the entire peninsula. To ensure the conservation of both species were carried out as LIFE-Nature projects.

Admission Information Center is located one kilometer before the entrance to San Felipe Neri, and features an exhibition where the most important of the park and where the same staff will assist you by providing any additional information required topics on the park itself or visits, all free.

The park has two routes through which the visitors can enjoy bird watching in a natural setting: the one in the Information Center, a mile in length and allows observe two small lakes; and ornithological, 5 kilometers (round trip) and, thanks to its observatories, tower, gazebo and various bridges over water and salt marsh, can easily see all the birds.

For visits to the park is necessary to call 96 667 85 15 or send an email: parque_elhondo@gva.es

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“Information Center”: Adapted 1 km in length where most of the way going on a catwalk that runs above typical salt marsh plants. From a small viewpoint we see the lagoon “El Saladar”. At the end of his journey there is a picnic area with tables also adapted, drinking water etc.

verdeGreen Route: “Lagunas El Rincón and El Saladar”: From 3.7 km in length and Public Use infrastructures aimed at observing the birds that are present in the lagoons of Finca El Rincón (observatories, towers, break areas etc.).

azulBlue Route “Azarbes of El Convenio and Dalt”: For bicycles and a length of 18 km (return trip). Following the signs, after visiting some of the parkway, you come to the south of the park where two observatories provide us birding in Reserva pond.

rojaRed Route: “Ornithological itinerary: Riegos de Levante”: Single path not part of the Information Center. Thanks to its 2.5 km (one way) where there are observatories, towers, balconies, walkways over water etc., you can visit the irrigation reservoirs and spotting all the typical avifauna of wetlands. It is the only route that needs to be accessed by reservation by contacting the Information Centre (Tel. 96 667 85 15).

In addition, from the Information Centre starts other routes to San Isidro, Catral and Dolores, all of them by bike, that extend the range of itineraries park.

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