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Crevillent Mountains (Sierra de Crevillent)

Crevillent has some geographical features very own, with a mountainous area to the north, which has an almost straight front crossed by small ravines and plain south influenced by the contributions of the streams, and a semiarid climate. These characteristics mean that there are a variety of great ecological uniqueness in these regions.

Among its natural beauty stands Mountain Park San Cayetano, located at the foot of the mountain of the same name and with an altitude of 817 m. Its origin is in an old chapel dedicated to San Cayetano and now the place is conditioned to enjoy a full day on the mountain, also having a spring and a hostel for the purpose.

The orography of Crevillent favors hiking, and abounding with no steep slopes and gentle valleys through which pass horseshoes tracks and paths, allowing in turn enjoy a morning with the backpack, camera and intention of stopping at the highlights of the saw, and behold views of the whole region.

Also related to nature, we found the Environmental Education Center “Los Molinos”. This center depends on Sabadell CAM bank, and their antecedents in a nineteenth century flour mills located in the foothills of the mountains. With its numerous facilities, is a teaching resource of first order and an excellent item to raise awareness on environmental values.

Local associations Centro Excursionista de Crevillent and Sociedad Acclivis organize hiking trails, guided by experts throughout the year.

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The Natural Park of El Hondo

Crevillent is housed in one of the most important wetlands in Spain, the Natural Park of El Hondo, which holds international recognition to be declared ZEPA zone, LIC and further be included in the Ramsar list and the Valencian Catalogue of Wetlands.

This spot are two regulatory irrigation reservoirs, Poniente and Levante, surrounded in turn by other small privately owned ponds and salt marsh areas with endemic species.
Historically, the park with its contribution of raw materials, has been resource for populations around: water for irrigation, land for crops, cane for manufacturing … From the environmental aspect, this wetland is also an ecological niche of enormous interest, in addition to its flora and fauna, the variety of species that stop in the area on their migrations north of the peninsula and Europe to Africa, the most important being the coot, the shoveler the heron, the martineto, greater flamingo with their chickens and shelduck. In addition to these, we can find among the flagship species of the park, two endangered species: the White-headed Duck and the Marbled Teal, which has also in Hondo with the main breeding of the entire peninsula. To ensure the conservation of both species have been carried out as LIFE-Nature projects.

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Parks and Gardens

In Crevillent we have also a variety of spaces and green areas ready to walk, play sports or relax.

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