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Crevillent gastronomy

The cuisine of Crevillent is varied.

First include rice dishes such as paella rice with rabbit and snails, arroz y mondongo (rice and tripe), and other varieties of paella, behind which we recommend taking an infusion of “Herbetes of Cantaueso”.

paella de arroz con conejo

Among the traditional taste in the winter dishes are the “gachamiga” (flour, flaked cod and garlic), “arròs caldós” made from rice, pulses and vegetables, and the stew with balls (cooked chickpeas and vegetables, meatballs made from ground beef, bread crumbs, pine nuts and spices).

During Holy Week, the most genuine part of the gastronomy of Crevillent is the “Pa Torrat” (oven baked bread with olive oil), accompanied by baked cod and garlic, broad beans and local wine obviously a meatless meal according to the religious date.
In addition, of course, the typical coca.

Historically, we have to go back to the mid-nineteenth century to find the earliest history of the manufacture of the most traditional of all COCAS, known for its basic ingredient of BOQUERÓN (fried anchovy); subsequently will appear using new ingredients and the sardines, “molletes”, stuffed with tuna and egg, and the most recently coca of vegetables, to name some of the fourteen existing varieties each day in the ovens and bakeries.
Over 41,000 cocas are manufactured annually (with a basis weight of about 900 grams), of which over 12,000 are consumed at a very specific time: at the Holy Week, and especially on Good Friday.

Pà torrat Coca de verduras
Pa torrat cod with garlic and typical Holy Week lunch Coca vegetables and tuna

If we talk about sweeties the Toña, a sort of big round bun with sugar on top, which is usually taken accompanied by hot chocolate.
Other recommended sweets are: torrijas, (based on fried and sweet bread) and Pan de Higo composed of figs and almonds.
In the summer are essential ice cream and soft drinks, as Horchata or iced barley and iced lemon.

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