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Holy Week of Crevillent

Semana Santa Crevillent

During the spring, takes place the celebration of Holy Week, declared in November 2011 of International Tourist Interest, which dates back to the seventeenth century.

Art, tradition, religion and popular feelings are the elements that define this celebration of extreme beauty.
The gateway is the septenary in honor of the Virgin of the Dolores, commemorated throughout the week preceding acts of passion. Throughout the week processions in which you can see a centuries imagery of sublime beauty succeed.


On the night of Holy Tuesday, silence and darkness take over the old part of the town, for its winding narrow streets and the crowds throng to see the procession of Stmo. Dead Christ and Animas, accompanied by torches, incense burners, and a composition of cinquecento played by a local choir.

The magic of Holy Wednesday begins with the traditional arrangement of ‘pasos’; whole families dedicated to the care of pictures, take their seats to the streets, where with great care and elegance adorned ‘pasos’ later and from all quarters, concur in the traditional “pasos entry in the Church of Belen (Square of the Constitution).

On the morning of Friday, street musicians and bands of bugles, interpret the popular “dianas”, sweet melodies that blend into the night to mark the beginning of the most important holiday. At dawn “La Morquera” is taken by people to witness an act fervently sense to Crevillent: the embrace between mother and child during the procession to the Calvary.

After that, following tradition, participants replenished forces in a lunch of “pa torrat” it with bread, cod, garlic baked in the oven, beans and onions make genuine “Divendres sant lunch.” In the evening the solemnity covers the streets of Crevillent, with the procession of the Death of Christ, one of the most beautiful processions, wherein the ‘pasos’ of the sculptor Mariano Benlliure section by section parade the streets of the town invaded by absolute silence which is only broken by ridges of passion interpreted by the choirs of the town.


Six are the sculptural groups participating in the procession of Holy Saturday called “procession of the holy burial of Christ.” Along the route, from the parroquia of Santisima Trinidad to the parroquia of Ntra. Sra. de Belén, emphasizes respect and devotion, the silence only interrupted by choral singing and the sound of drums that mark the steps of the bearers.

On Sunday resurrection of Jesus Christ, Crevillent commemorated in the Plaza of the Constitution, with the images of San Juan de la Palma, Regina Pacis and Jesús Sacramentado, with the sounds and the harmony of Handel’s Hallelujah.

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