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Scenic spots and monuments of Crevillent

The old town

Casco antiguo de Crevillent

One of the charms of the town is to walk in the oldest quarters of the population. Two routes are recommended: one runs the oldest part of the town, which has retained the original urban settings marked islamic flavor. We must start from plaza del Doctor Mas Candela to get into San Francisco street, its characteristic setbacks give an idea of the successive enlargements that have occurred with the passing of the centuries, highlighting its width does not exceed 2 meters square and its buildings a plant with well-endowed facades typical balconies and windows decorated with pots and railings. San Francisco street leads to the square of Iglesia Vieja, the oldest square, where the bell tower of the old seventeenth century church was restored and its part of the food market.

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Cuevas (housing cuevas)

The other itinerary shows the landscape of caves housing. To do this you first need to visit San Rafael neighborhood (located just 50 meters from City Hall), to realize that local people before the caves inhabited all possible surrounding hills and from the area of the library and bridge Jorge Juan where there is access to a typical district of caves housing, characterized by totally messed urban layout with slightly sloping facades, small doors and fireplaces born to the slopes.

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Ayuntamiento de CrevillentThe Town Hall

It is a 1901 building, located in the old town. Has a facade revoked a reddish background pattern on the upper floors and boxes on the floor. The building is topped by a cantilevered ledge stone brackets pinnacles along the line of the facade.


Iglesia de BelenChurch of Nuestra Señora de Belén

Initiated in 1772 by Master Miguel Francia, was consecrated in 1828. Its a latin cross with a dome cruise. Has revoked facade, with the atrium at the front door with three arches. To the left is the bell Tower which is square. To the right a dome on a chapel.
Note that the Church of Nuestra Señora de Belén is the largest church of Orihuela-Alicante Diocese.


torre_campanario_iglesiaChurch Bell Plaza Vieja Tower

It is the only remnant of the ancient Nuestra Señora de Belén parish. It began its construction in 1588, was not completed until 1694, probably due to population vacuum that produced the expulsion of the Moors. Thus, currently, together with the Market Supply.


Food Market and Jardines de Fontenay


The Food Market is a new building, located on an old church. It lies on the edge of the old Moorish quarter, where modern widening of Crevillent begins.

This resulted in the construction of the Jardines of Fontenay, dedicated to the French town of Fontenay – Le Comte, twinned with Crevillent since 1968.

These gardens are staggered because of the slope, and at the end of the garden the visitor can admire the Monument to the Festa, symbol of the festivities of Moors and Christians.


Els pontets

Qanats del Barranco de la RamblaWater use has generated a complex of buildings in Crevillent, whose parallels are in the rest of peninsular subarid Southeast. Undoubtedly the best known are the Qanats the Barranco de la Rambla, high archaeological and ethnological value showing, ultimately, water scarcity of the land, whose people lived in a poor farming supplemented by the work of esparto and hemp, shortages that led them to build massive engineering works.

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