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Industria en Crevillent. La alfombra

The base of the local economy has traditionally been the carpet industry, ranking first in domestic production and export. This activity has its roots in the Middle Ages; although the first references of interest dating from the sixteenth century, which indicated that there were forty “botigues” dedicated to its production. It was in the early twentieth century with the arrival the first power looms, when going to weave wool carpets leading to the launch of this industry. Initially the model family type, starting from 1940 creating great source companies, with a production of approximately 3,500,000 m2, with exports accounting for over 40% of total production.


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Other economic activities of some importance are construction, metal, catering services (cafeterias, bars, restaurants) and food.

Friday’s weekly market in the Rambla is dedicated to sell clothes, shoes, pottery and others.

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