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Crevillent, as a tourist inland town, offers visitors the chance to get direct feedback from the most imporant points of our town. In a year the installation of a network of 73 QR codes throughout the municipality was completed, these codes map covering all aspects of the tourist resort, cultural, monumental, athletic, lively and drew level as not in natural areas and in our mountains and the natural park of the deep. To make this project a reality municipality of Crevillent had a grant from the Valencian Agency of Tourism.

The development of new technologies, especially smartphones and tablets pc, have allowed the application of new technologies such as QR codes applied in this case to tourism in general and our particular municipality. With this new information system, and within minutes visitors can obtain relevant information from Crevillent on any of the areas in which you are interested.

The Department of Tourism has covered all the tourist and representative points of our population with the installation of qr codes for visitors who come to visit us, please audiovisual information at your fingertips immediately.

Visitors will find these codes in many of our monuments, facades and representative spaces.

To access the information contained in these codes the visitor needs to have a phone or tablet with internet connection and an application to read the codes. Applications for reading qr codes are free and many smartphones have them installed when we bought them.

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